Dompak Corporation is a company that transports packages, personal and commercial goods, shipping containers, cars and personal possession resettlement from USA to Poland and most of European Union countries. Our experience and cooperation with Antoni Wnękowicz’s company in Poland is the proof of the highest  quality transportation services. Dompak Corporation with headquarter in Sayreville, New Jersey,  specializes in international distribution and global logistic services  and is a leading  service provider tending to Poles who live outside Poland.

Long years of experience allows us to provide comprehensive import and export transportation and logistic services. Our services also include storage of  the shipped goods, insuring the good and  custom clearance of exported or imported shipments.

For past 20 year we have been transporting  goods to our customers in Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Czech and Slovakian Republic.  We also deliver packages directly to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Holland, Estonia,  Luxembourg, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Belarus, Moldavia, Lithuania, Hungary, Sweden, Great Britain and Italy. Our services are available for  private individuals to send single packages  as well as  companies sending commercial shipments of assorted sizes and quantity depending on our customer’s needs. We have partnership with major carriers on the market which allows us to deliver every shipping container “port to port” and “door to door” and guarantee world class customer service

We deliver and pick up our shipping containers directly to and from our customer for them to load it up at their own convenience or you can deliver your items directly to our Dompak warehouse. We offer professional help in proper arrangement and loading of your goods, securing cars and other vehicles  in the shipping containers.

Dompak is a company licensed to wire money from USA to Poland and other countries as well. Money wire services are available at all Dompak offices and designated agencies. To send money all you have to do is visit one of our offices. No on-line transaction available. If you are wiring money to Poland they can be picked up at designated branches of PKO BP or Polish Post Office. 

We book airline tickets, vacation and honeymoon packages and cruises. Book with us to travel the world with comfort and security of knowing that we take care of all the details, so you can plan your next trip without any hassle.
We have a Golden Agent status with Apple Vacation as well as PLL LOT thanks to many years of experience and outstanding customer service.

We also offer online shopping services for websites that do not deliver outside US such as eBay, Amazon, and other online auctions and stores. All you have to do is fill out our form online and then use our US address to have them delivered to our office and we will ship it to directly to you! Our service is not only available for customers in Poland but also other European Union countries.

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